Auto Responder

What is Autoresponder?

Think of an autoresponder as a script to automate email replies. This script starts working when a user takes action on a website or sends an email to an inbox that has an autoresponder.

Confirmation emails are a common example of an autoresponder. You receive automatic emails after signing up for a newsletter, sending a support ticket, purchasing a product online, or changing an online account password.

When it comes to email marketing and outreach, marketers use automation tools to reduce their workload, and an autoresponder is no exception. It’s easier to use an automated message rather than emailing each inbox individually.

At the same time, autoresponders became more complex over time. Now, it is possible to create other triggers and surprise your contacts. For instance, an autoresponder may send an email message that:

  • Wishes happy birthday
  • Reminds about abandoned shopping cart or unfinished profile
  • Alerts about renewals and expirations