Cold Calls

What are Cold Calls?

One can define cold calls as a solicitation of a potential customer who expressed no interest in products or services a marketer is offering. Cold calling is one of the oldest marketing techniques. Some consider in-person visits as a cold calling form as well, though going from door to door to advertise goods is not that common.

A successful cold caller is someone persistent enough to endure even if they get repeatedly rejected. To persuade potential customers, cold callers prepare by researching the prospect demographics to find a connection and increase the odds of a successful conversion. 

Data researchers estimate that cold calling has a success rate of about 2%, even among professional telemarketers. More often than not, a person on the other side will likely hang up or even abuse the cold caller. 

Given technology advancements, it is no surprise to see cold calling losing its prominence. New and more effective marketing methods are available in the form of emails, social media, and pay-per-click marketing, to name a few.