Deliverability Rate

What is Deliverability Rate?

Email delivery rate, not to be confused with deliverability rate, is a measurement to determine how many emails you send are not returned by soft or hard bounces.

On the other hand, even if your recipient’s ISP gateway server accepts the email, some emails might still not reach the intended inbox due to spam filters that redirect emails to a spam folder.

Deliverability is the actual measurement of how many of your emails reach the recipient’s inbox. Unfortunately, gateway servers do not give away information about emails that end up in a spam folder, meaning that getting an accurate email deliverability measurement is more or less impossible.

According to various reports, an average email deliverability rate (so long as you are using proper email delivery services and have an accurate recipient address list) should be somewhere between 75 to 80 percent. Approximately 10 percent of emails are sent directly to a recipient’s spam folder, while ISP gateway servers block up to 15 percent of emails.