Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Businesses use email marketing to sell products, raise brand awareness, drive website traffic, generate leads, and even build communities.

These days, email marketing tends to revolve around segmentation and personalization rather than mass mailings.

To create a successful email marketing campaign, a business should avoid buying email lists, and not just because of national and international regulations. Instead, it is recommended to build an organic list by incentivizing opt-ins via discounts, free shipping, giveaways, a weekly newsletter, and other perks.

A good email marketing campaign should also have a plan, which includes targeted demographic research, signup sources, segments and groups, schedule, and goals.

An email copy plays a prominent role as well. Businesses hire professional copywriters and designers to improve conversion rates.

When an email is ready and a business has an email list, it can test its emails by sending them to different recipients.

Marketing automation is another essential element, particularly when collecting an email list, personalizing content, and measuring campaign results.