Engagement Rate

What is Engagement Rate?

Once your outreach campaign starts and you send your first emails, you will need to keep tabs on the engagement rate.

Tracking the engagement rate is a must to determine how well your campaign is going on. For example, you might want to track how many recipients:

  • Opened the email
  • Read the email
  • Clicked on the links
  • Messaged you back
  • Followed a different call-to-action

To track engagement rate, you will need specific tools that alert you when a recipient opens the email or how much time they spend reading the email.

As far as positive responses go, you can check that manually by counting how many recipients sent you a message back. Click on links can be found, thanks to analytics tools on a website. For other calls to action, you will need to find a tool that has the features you seek.

When you have concrete engagement rate numbers, you can make adjustments by optimizing content for your recipients.