What is Networking?

Networking efforts can go a long way to help you succeed. As a business professional, you want to connect with the right people and benefit from new relationships.

Since most people check their email inboxes every day, connecting via emails is still one of the most effective methods.

A networking email to a stranger can be difficult because you cannot predict how the recipient will react. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to avoid asking them for a favor. A busy person is likely to ignore a stranger looking for a handout.

Instead, you should seek advice. Since business professionals like to share knowledge, they are more likely to respond positively when someone is asking their professional opinion.

Telling the recipient what you admire about their work and mentioning some similarities between the two of you is a good piece of advice. If you can help them, be sure to mention it in the message.

You also want to look professional in your email. Make sure to double-check what you wrote so that there are no typos.