Sender Score

What is Sender Score?

A sender score, also known as an email sender reputation, is assigned by internet service providers to email senders. A good sender score is a must for high email deliverability. If the score falls below a certain threshold, internet service providers might deliver the email to a spam folder rather than an inbox or just outright prevent the email from being delivered.

The factors that determine the sender score are:

  • The number of sent emails
  • The number of recipients who report sender for spamming
  • The sender’s inclusion in various blacklists
  • The age of the sender’s email address
  • The number of sent emails that bounced
  • The number of recipients that interact with an email by opening, replying, or deleting it

Different ISPs have different systems for counting sender scores. However, if you follow the best email marketing practices, you should avoid falling below the threshold.